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What is Loofah?

Loofah is a vegetable. It is a vigorously growing climbing vine. We call it the vegetable sponge. It is from the same family as cucumbers. The fruit looks also like a huge cucumber. When ripe, the inside develops into a network of cellulose fibers. These cellulose fibers proved to have an excellent exfoliating effect and that is what we use for our Bath & Shower products. *Cotton is also cellulose fibers*.


Some of the useful features of Loofah:

High capacity of absorbing water and solutions.

Natural media for temperature Insulation.

Natural media for sound Insulation.


There are several species of Loofah, that vary in texture, size and natural color. The most common ones are:

Luffa Aegyptiaca, this is Egyptian Loofah.

Luffa Acutangula, this is Asian Loofah.

About Egyptian Loofah


The scientific name of the Loofah species grown in Egypt is Luffa Aegyptiaca. The Egyptian climate and the genetic characteristics of Egyptian Loofah yields a Loofah that is rich in fibers, resilient, soft and almost free from these longitudinal ridges that cause Loofah to split open after few uses.

This picture shows the richness of the inside spongy fibers of Egyptian Loofah, this is the reason behind the reputation Egyptian Loofah has acquired as the only skin friendly species of Luffa.


Differences between Egyptian Loofah and Asian Loofah

Egyptian Loofah


Asian Loofah

Soft, skin friendly fibers, spongy in feel.




Hard and abrasive, more suitable to use on wood or metals.

Soft ridges, resulting in the absence of sharp scratchy edges.

Hard ridges resulting in edges that are scratchy and abrasive on skin.

Needs no bleaching to whiten color or to soften fibers.

Requires bleaching. Bleaching is done using Chlorine or Caustic Soda solutions, which erodes the fibers, and an end product that cannot be labeled as natural and chemical free.

Shorter in length and wider in size, yet with a richer & thicker fibers content.

Makes it more expensive to grow and manufacture. More skin friendly texture. Better customer satisfaction.


Benefits and uses of Egyptian Loofah

Exfoliates and removes dead skin

Because it is comfortable to use, a user will do a better job thoroughly exfoliating the skin without scratching. This will lead to better removal of dead skin and opening up skin pores allowing the skin the breath better and to excrete extra salts and wastes.

Prevents bacteria and fungus from infecting skin.

Improves skin superficial circulation

Increases the amount of blood feeding the skin with oxygen and nutrients resulting in healthier skin.

Better blood circulation to the skin also helps skin cells getting rid of metabolic waste products more readily.

Re-juveniles skin and helps get rid of cellulite and Acne and prevents aging signs.

Stimulates skin nerve endings

Triggers the feeling of well being and freshness.

Excellent moisture absorbent

Besides exfoliating the soles, Loofah dries feet quickly after a bath and absorbs sweat, therefore protecting feet from fungal attacks. This is besides it's comfortable feel. It is not true that a Loofah sole in a slipper makes it scratchy.

The same benefits are shared with Loofah Bath Mats.

This water absorbing features also comes handy with soap dishes. A Loofah Soap dish will dry a bar of soap in no time, prolonging it's useable life.

Flexible natural looking material

With the current trend of favoring natural products, a consumer will go for a natural product that really looks natural. Our Loofah and Jute bags and totes are 100% natural and bio-degradable and looks so.


What Asian Producers have to say about Egyptian Loofah

I came across the website of a Asian company manufacturing Loofah products, and I couldn't help but to quote some extracts from their points of view about Egyptian Loofah. Here is a screen capture: Page1 Page2

Quotes from Asian Loofah producers websites


Loofah Savannah comments

"An Egyptian loofah (Luffa) massage sponge will break in or soften up much faster than a Asian loofah massage sponge. The all natural fibers are quite loosely woven with lots of small air holes.

An Egyptian loofah (Luffa) massage sponge is already softer to use from day one!

You want a soft to medium texture loofah massage sponge for daily self-massage!

Slow And Steady Wins The Race, Time And Patience Are Great Virtues!"


In other words, Egyptian Loofah is soft and skin friendly, but if you want a hard erosive Loofah that stays with you for ever, go for Asian Loofah.

But don't worry by Time And Patience, you might be able to use it comfortably.

Sorry, but isn't this a bit funny?

"A Asian loofah massage sponge takes time and patience to break in or soften up. The all natural fibers are tightly woven. This loofah massage sponge will last for quite some time (1-2 years or longer) before finally falling apart or wearing out.

It is an excellent consumer value!"


Let's assume you will have to "break it in" for a year and comfortably use it for another year, doesn't this also applies to a piece of tree bark?

Actually we think that a Asian Loofah will outlive our Egyptian Loofah because it will never be used.

"The Egyptian loofah (Luffa) massage sponge will wear out or fall apart sooner. However, it is still an excellent surface exfoliation for the skin. Plus, you can of course press down on it more to impart a little deeper friction massage action, if you wish.

Egyptian loofah (Luffa) massage sponges are widely used in some of the finest health and beauty spas. Certainly, for softer more delicate skin I would recommend an Egyptian Luffa massage sponge."


mmm .. establishing credibility? but watch out, Egyptian Loofah is soft and is used in the 'finest health Spa's, but remember it will not stay with you for two years.

"Both types of loofah (Luffa) massage sponges have hollow cores. At first use, any loofah (Luffa) massage sponge feels rough, coarse on the skin as you are breaking it in or softening it up.

The key as always in breaking in or softening up a loofah massage sponge is first to wet it or soak it real good. Then add lots of soap or shower gel. This greatly reduces the friction of the "raw" all natural plant fibers."


I am sorry my friend, Egyptian Loofah, as you mentioned before, is soft from the very beginning. Egyptian Loofah also doesn't need any "breaking in" or special handling to protect your skin.

"Avoid A Skin Abraison, When First Using A Loofah Massage Sponge !

There is only one way to break in, soften up either type of loofah (Luffa) massage sponges. That is by doing loofah massage only on your legs and feet in the beginning. The skin is much tougher, stronger on these body parts. This is time wisely spent.

Love Your Feet...Treat Your Feet The Right Way!"


Again, this doesn't apply to Egyptian Loofah, but I agree with the gentleman/lady who wrote this, one has to love his feet.

"So, why not have the best of both worlds ? The really smart, savy, health-conscious consumer would be wise to buy both an Egyptian and Asian loofah massage sponge.

That way, while using the Egyptian Luffa you could be "slowly" breaking in or softening up the Asian loofah massage sponge for future use !

The point is, with two loofahs, when one wears out, falls apart in time, you will have another one ready to use!"


In other words, if after all this logical conclusions, you still want to go for Egyptian Loofah, buy a Asian one by the side.

About Loofah Savannah

  • Loofah Savannah is a Trade Mark of , a registered company in Egypt.

  • We are located in Egypt, the origin of Loofah Aegyptiaca, well known for its skin friendly texture, soft fibers and durability.

  • Our aim was, and still is, to produce Loofah products different in quality and design than currently available products.

  • We started our business in 1997.

  • Our manufacturing workshop is located in Cairo, Egypt. Our craftsmen are motivated by your satisfaction.

  • Our employees are treated fairly, we do not discriminate and we do not employ children.

Contact information


My name is Amr Zaki and I am running this business. I personally answer all inquiries and follow up on all orders.

Contact information:



Phone and WhatsApp: +2 0100 6675333

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5, AlShaheed Mohamad AlShabany St.

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Placing Orders:

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Payment: We accept payments through


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Import Taxes

Imports from Egypt are exempt from import tax in most countries.

In case needed the HTS code for Loofah items is: 4602.90.90 00 and where Egyptian imports are not exempted, import taxes is around 3%.

Returns and refund policies

We will replace any faulted products in material or workmanship or damaged during shipping upon provision of proof, such as pictures.

Provision of proof should be within two weeks from date of delivery of products.

As with agents, distributors and recurring customers, special arrangements will be agreed upon to guarantee the full satisfaction of their customers.

Loofah Vines, snapshots from Loofah farm

Luffa is from the cucumber family, while on it's vine it looks like a huge cucumber but rich in fibers in the inside. To get the best texture, it has to be picked at certain time, soaked in water then peeled, cleaned from seeds and dried before we ship it to you, or take it to be manufactured at our workshop.


  • We offer free samples upon request. Samples package to include not more than 5 different products, one of each. Consignee to cover shipping cost by Air Mail or Express Mail.

  • Please email us with the samples product codes required.


Good Morning Amr

Yes it would be fine to use my words for furthering the beauty of a persons skin as much as your Loofah seem to do to mine. I have had a rash called eczema severely for the last five years. Iíve been to dermatologist, have had UV light treatments (quite expensive) and many creams, lotions, and steroids. What I have come to discover is Loofah and a sugar body scrub has made my rash completely disappear and has been gone for over 3 months. I LOVE LOOFAH!!!!!!

A co worker told me about them, then I found your webs site and received Egyptian Loofah and now am more of a believer. This morning was my first experience with your Loofah and I find it to be so much softer than the previous ones I used from China. My

Soap lathered up much more with yours also. We purchased a total of 18 Loofah

For my co workers and everybody likes yours much better. Thank You again

And I look forward to many more years of Loofah using!


Deborah A Twait


I just wanted to let you know that I received the Loofah and they're great! I didn't realize they had Velcro in them! Nice touch!

I hope your doing well and thank you for being such a great business partner!



Mythology Body


Why do you sometimes refer to Loofah as Luffa / Loofah instead of simply Loofah?

Why do I need a password to access your Products Catalog? this is unusual!

What is your usual delivery time?

Is your Loofah bleached?

How do I maintain my Loofah product?

Does Loofah after sometime gets contaminated with germs?

How often do you send your news letters?

Do you share my contact information?

The Whole Loofah and the Loofah Sections that I received came flat not rounded as in your catalog pages. This is not what I ordered!

I want to make a large order delivered to my warehouse, how can we proceed?



Q: Why do you sometimes refer to Loofah as Luffa / Loofah instead of simply Loofah?

A: Unfortunately there are several words for Loofah, the most common are Loofah and Luffa. We want to keep the search engines happy and our site to appear in search results for searches done using either terms.


Q: Why do I need a password to access your Products Catalog? this is unusual!

A: The answer to this question is easy and makes a lot of sense:

  • We consider your visit to our website as a business meeting that requires an introduction from both sides.

  • Our website content is meant only to be viewed by the industry not the public.

  • Most of our products are different than the usual Loofah products available in the market. We need to protect ourselves and our our distributors from cheap imitations.

  • It is a bad business practice that retail buyers gets access to your wholesale product cost.

  • We need to filter inquiries, we only want serious inquirers to access our Products Catalog. Usually serious inquirers will spend a minute sending us their information, passers by will not.

Q: What is your usual delivery time?

A: Our delivery time depends on the size of he order and the shipping method used:

For small orders, one or two cartons shipped  to your door by Post:

We dispatch in few days.

Shipped by Air Mail, it takes around 10-15 days to be delivered.

Shipped by Express Mail, it takes up to one week to be delivered.

For large order shipped by Air Freight to your nearest International Airport, dispatch time will vary and is negotiable to make it practical and in the same time to meet your needs.


Q: Is your Loofah bleached?

A: Our Loofah is 100% natural, not bleached nor treated with any Chemicals. Some producers are under the belief that customers prefer White Loofah, which obtained by bleaching Loofah using Chlorine or Hydroxides. These solutions erodes the Loofah fibers, reduces the sponginess of the Loofah and shortens it's useable life. Not to mention that in case of bleached Loofah, the product cannot be labeled as Natural. We also believe that the retail buyer of a Loofah product is looking for a natural product that looks natural.


Q: How do I maintain my Loofah product?

A: Loofah is a vegetable. It is 100% made of organic fibers. It is vital to keep dry when not in use.

All our products are machine washable.

It is a good idea to soak it in a 10% bleach solution for few minutes once a month or when you see brownish coloration.


Q: Does Loofah after sometime gets contaminated with germs?

A: This will only happen if the Loofah is not allowed to dry. Loofah is a vegetable, made from organic fibers (cellulose) same as cotton. Leaving a moist sponge in the bathtub day in and day out gives some germs a hospitable place to set up shop. This applies to any kind of sponge, not necessarily Loofah.

If allowed to dry after use, Loofah will stay germ free.


Q: How often do you send your news letters?

A: We do not spam. We only dispatch a news letter when we have something important to say. The average is 4 news letters a year. You always have the option to opt out of our news letter mailing list.


Q: Do you share my contact information?

A: We do not share contact information with any third party.


Q: The Whole Loofah and the Loofah Sections that I received came flat not rounded as in your catalog pages. This is not what I ordered!

A: To save on shipping cost, and to offer you a product at a good price, we compact our Whole Loofah and Loofah Sections Prior to packing. Whole Loofah and Loofah sections will spring back to its cylindrical shape in few seconds when made wet. Please watch this video made by one of our wholesaler customers:




Q: I want to make a large order delivered to my warehouse, how can we proceed?

A: We offer duty un-paid deliveries to your door. You don't have to worry about, customs clearing or any other additional expenses. Everything will be included in our price except import duty.

Exports from Egypt is exempt from import duty in many countries, In case you need it, HTS code of Loofah items is: 4602.90.90 00.

We can ship to any retailer or hotel warehouse world wide. This applies to Air Freight shipments and price will include all fees and inland transportation cost. As for smaller orders shipped Air Mail or Express Mail, it goes for granted that delivery will be to your door.

Having us handle import duty can be arranged.


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