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Loofah Savannah Farm.

These snap shots will give you an idea about how Loofah Luffa, the vegetable sponge is grown.

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We protect our environment. All our agricultural practices are environmental friendly. As you see in the pictures, Loofah is a huge perennial vine. All this foliage is collected after harvest and turned into compost for the next season.


Our Loofah is actually 100% grown naturally.



We do not use any toxic pesticides, herbicides nor fungicides.

Most of the fertilizers used are organic.


We do not employ children.

Savannah farm hands are always paid more than all our neighbors' employees.


We provide the best accommodation and living conditions for our workers.



Luffa is from the cucumber family, while on it's vine it looks like a huge cucumber but rich in fibers in the inside. To get the best texture, it has to be picked at certain time, soaked in water then peeled, cleaned from seeds and dried before we ship it to you, or take it to be manufactured at our workshop.